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Fishing Report 1/1/22!

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Striped/Hybrid Bass-

Clarks Hill (Thurmond): Upper lake Clarks Hill stripers and hybrids remain scattered between the mouths of major creeks all the way to the backs. Recent charters have been averaging 10-15 fish in the 3 to 12 pound range. Both down rods and free line/planer boards will catch fish. Bait schools are still on the surface to mid depth. Fish are focused on smaller bait.

Lake Russell: No new report

Lake Greenwood: Large concentrations of mixed schools of stripers, largemouth, spots, and perch can be located by following the gulls and caught on live bait or jigging spoons.


Clarks Hill: Fish are in scattered schools from the mouths of major creeks to mid-way back. Schools are suspended in water depths of 20-35 feet. Jigs and minnows will both catch fish. Charters are averaging 15=25 fish per trip.

Lake Russell: No new report

Lake Greenwood: Scattered schools of crappies can be found in 15-20 feet depths suspended.

Mountain Trout-

No new report

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