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Fishing Report 4/1/22

Striped/Hybrid Bass

Lake Russell-Fish have moved up to backs of creeks and in proximity to standing timber. Locating bait schools and watching gull activity is key to finding fish. Planer boards and free-lined herring remain the best techniques.

Clarks Hill-Fish are primarily is shallower water near the backs of the creeks. The bite is sporadic. Fish are keying on small threadfin and herring. Down sizing baits and tackle will produce more fish. A number of fish have been caught on recent trips on crappie jigs and minnows. Trips are averaging 5-7 fish.

Lake Greenwood-No new report


Lake Russell-Fish are in transition from deeper water to the banks as they prepare to spawn. Early in the day try under bridges and on deeper points. As the water warms and reaches max temperature try shallow brush near the banks. The spawn will happen in the next few weeks once water temps reach 65-68 degrees and hold steady. Minnows, jigs, and jigs tipped with minnows will all catch fish.

Clarks Hill-High muddy water has made crappie fishing challenging on Clarks Hill. Trips are averaging 15-20 fish. Several large crappies over 2 pounds have been caught on recent trips. Early in the day try long-line trolling in 12-15 feet of water and transition to pulling jigs or single polling with jigs and minnows closer to the banks as the water reaches max temps. The spawn will happen as soon as water temps stabilize at 65-68 degrees.

Lake Greenwood-Falling water levels due to compliance with the rule curve and muddy water have made Lake Greenwood crappie fishing challenging. Try the lower end of the lake where water clarity is better. Long line trolling in 15-20 feet of water early transitioning to fishing closer to the shore as the water warms remains the best technique. Trips are averaging 15-25 fish. Jigs, minnows, or a combination of the two will work best.

Mountain Trout

Trout reports will start in April.

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