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Fishing Report 2/15/22

Striped/Hybrid Bass-

Clarks Hill (Thurmond):Fish are feeding more aggressively over the last several days with warmer water temperatures. Most fish are being caught in proximity to large bait schools and watching gull activity is key to locating them. Planer boards and free-lined live herring remain the best techniques. Trips are averaging 5-12 fish in the 3-12 pound range. Large female hybrids in excess of 5 pounds are also becoming more common.

Lake Russell: February and March are two of the best months to catch trophy stripers on Lake Russell. Fish can be located near mouths of major creeks from very shallow water out to the river runs. Recent trips are averaging 2-5 fish per trip. Remember that on Russell we are fishing for size and not numbers.

Lake Greenwood: No new report


Clarks Hill: The crappie bite is improving daily as fish are on the move to the backs of creeks to spawn. Water temps are rising and the spawn is only a few weeks away. Recent trips are averaging 15-25 fish. Some large females over a pound have been caught. Long line trolling minnows and jigs are the primary techniques. Jigs and minnows fished over deep brush can also be productive.

Lake Russell: Some of the largest average sized crappies we have ever caught came from Lake Russell over this past weekend. Several fish in the 2 pound range were caught. Tight-lining minnows over brush and under bridges is the preferred technique.

Lake Greenwood: Lake Greenwood crappies are still scattered from the river channel to mid-way back in the creeks. Schools of mixed species of crappies, white perch, spotted bass and white bass can be caught together. Long lined minnows and jigs remain the preferred technique.

Mountain Trout: No new report

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